College Scholar is a Treasure

  • June 2019

Offered a special scholarship at Grace Christian College (GCC), Jill Chloe E. Tolentino (鄭志珠), enrolled at GCC as a Psychology major in 2017. Since then, Jill has proven to be a gem for the College Department. To date, she has received four (4) awards in recognition of her talents.

While a College freshman, Jill won 3rd place in the Far Eastern University Peace To All Youth Organization On-the Spot Drawing Contest sponsored by Angel C. Palanca from the Peace Program Foundation Inc. on October 1, 2017

During her sophomore year in College, Jill won 2nd place in the Philippine Medical Association Poster Making Contest sponsored by Philippine Medical Association. Awarding was held at Philippine International Convention Center on May 18, 2018.

She also won 3nd place in the TNK On-the-Spot Drawing and Painting Contest held at Oreta Sports Complex, Malabon City on September 8, 2018.

Her latest accomplishment was being awarded 3rd place in the End Child Marriage Nationwide Poster Competition sponsored by the Philippine Legislator's Committee on Population and Development. Awarding was held at Ramon V. Mitra Building, House of Representatives on October 8, 2018.

At the time of writing, Jill is studying at Shih Chen University (Taiwan) under the GCC program called “A Sophomore Taste of Taiwan.”

Currently, she is happy to be able to continue her Chinese studies until college and to understand the psychology behind the behavior of others so that she can better share God’s love to people. Jill further considers opportunities for personal and professional growth in the safe, caring, but challenging environment of GCC where there is a “sense of community.”

Jill is very optimistic about her next years in GCC. She says, “I am will truly be happy and proud to finish my studies here and pass with flying colors.” Mulling over the future, she says: “Regarding achievements in life, those are not based on where you studied. In fact, greatest achievers are average students who studied in average schools but kept on pursuing their dream.”


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