Grace Teachers Attend AP Summer Institute in China

  • The Official Publication of Grace Christian College
  • August 2019

Three Grace teachers: Mr. Abraham Isaac S. Ngo (AP Language and Composition), Mrs. Lordelita E. Diaz (AP Capstone Seminar), and Miss Camille Emeriza Roque (AP Statistics), together with Mrs. Josephine L. Sy Tan (AP Capstone-Seminar), the GCC AP Coordinator, attended the AP Summer Institute (APSI) Workshop held at East China Normal University Minhang Campus in Shanghai, China on August 19-23, 2019. They were given a scholarship Grace Teachers Attend AP Summer Institute in China grant by the school to participate in the said workshop. The 2019 APSI was sponsored by the College Board, the organization sponsible for the Advance Placement (AP) to learn the pedagogy and techniques in teaching AP most specially in Grades 11 and 12. The three teachers who immersed themselves in this one-week seminar workshop said that it was challenging but very helpful as it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity given to them by the school. The seminar was also an opportunity to meet other AP teachers from other countries and universities who are teaching in the same field and be able to make connections especially in teaching resources. It was also a time where AP teachers were able to have an update with their syllabus and learn new techniques from the resource speakers and other AP participants as well. Since GCC started AP courses across Grade 9 to Grade 12, the school has been very supportive and has sent subject area coordinators in Korea and Singapore to attend the AP seminar workshops. Students who plan to study abroad may take the 2020 AP exam and be credited in their chosen subject. In fact, last school year there were students who took the AP exam and successfully passed especially in the field of physics


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