Disconnect to Connect

  • The Official Publication of Grace Christian College
  • October 2019

Grace Torchbearers (Grades 7- 9) and Centurions (Grades 10-12), the two high school fellowships born out of the vision of Dr. James L. Tan, the GCC President, to develop and train spiritually mature Christian leaders in the light of God’s Word, had their kick -off rally, “Disconnect to Connect” last Friday, October 4, 2019 at the AV Room.

Dr. Christine Joy Tan, the GCC Executive Vice President, gave the opening remarks, encouraging the students to be excellent “in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.”

Johann Sven Uytanlet, the Grace Centurions Devotional Chairman, spurred the club to disconnect from things or people which could hinder them from giving their 100% “signal” or “wifi connection” to God. The fellowship was spearheaded by Steffi Abigail Lee, president of Grace Torchbearers, and Bianca Lorraine Tan, president of Grace Centurions, together with the Office of the President and the Office of Student Affairs, the participants had lots of fun, physical and spiritual nourishment while enjoying the games to jump-start the school year. With the newly inducted officers of both fellowships, the enjoyable time everyone had, and with God’s presence and His bountiful blessings, participants of Grace Torchbearers and Grace Centurions will surely soar to greater heights for God’s glory.


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