PUT GOD FIRST: A Story of Making it to the Top

  • June 2015

Grace Christian College (GCC) is very thankful to God that Ms. Amy Alethia Tupe landed 7th in the March 2015 Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET) given by the Professional Regulation Commission to B Elementary Education graduates.

Amy, as she is fondly called in GCC, took a long journey to success. She started studying BS Biology but later on shifted to Bachelor in Elementary Education with a major in Special Education. She was an exchange student to Grace College (USA) under GCC’s International Junior Enrichment Program to further enrich her learning and experiences. A few months after graduation in 2014, she was immediately hired as a SpEd teacher at her former high school.

In January 2015 she started taking review classes at one of the popular review centers. She managed her time for work, review, and church activities because all of these were important to her. In February 2015, she started reading a book entitled “Circle Maker.” It encouraged her to dream big for God and take it seriously because “Big dreams honor God and God honors big dreams.”

Amy’s faith and obedience was tested one day before taking the LET. Although she was granted a leave of absence at the school she worked, she was strongly persuaded by the school to give the graduation message. Believing that God was with her, she consented and trusted that God will bless her obedience.

Regarding the LET Amy shares, “The test was ok, challenging, but manageable. I was ready. Though not everything I studied came out in the exam, my review, college studies and experiences had helped me through all of it. And of course, there is God. I always thought, anything, anything at all could go all wrong, but at the same time, He could make everything work out.”

On May 23, 2015, the College graduation ceremony was happening in GCC while Amy went swimming with her family. This was also the day when the LET results were finally released. She received the good news exam through text messages of her friends, but was not able to verify if she was indeed among the top ten placers. The good news was verified and announced during the graduation ceremonies at GCC – bringing joy and a sense of pride to the Grace community.

Amy recalls that while most Education students were asked to explain or decipher theories in different subjects, her experiences as an exchange student in the U.S. were very helpful during the LET. Even though she was not able to graduate with honors from GCC, she wanted to honor her Alma Mater with the board exam distinction.

Since passing the board, Amy continues to teach at the same school as a SpEd teacher, but plans to return to People of Grace Christian School where she finished high school. She is also planning to study Masters in Education in the University of the Philippines believing that God will direct her as she targets to start studying again First Semester next school year.

Further into the future Amy wants to rejoin the GCC family. She said, “I love GCC with all my heart. And I may not come back there as a teacher in the Elementary or High School department, but let’s see what God does in the future if I could join the College Department.”

To the students who are currently enrolled in GCC, she advices, “Think about going beyond. Start preparing now. Not later. Remember that God works EVERYTHING for the good of those who love Him and work according to His purpose. And that God’s plans for us prosper; in our hopelessness, give us hope and a good future. So pursue His heart and pursue His plans for you. Trust in Christ because in Him and in His Word is wisdom. Dream big for God. Consider the results in the future for His Name if those dreams come true. Of course, God knows our hearts, so we should always align our hearts and our will back to Him in prayer. And finally, trust that He directs our steps. Keep going there and thriving. PUSH! Don’t resent your professors for giving you work. They’re trying to help you to be prepared.”


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